About Michelle Marcotte, artist

Hi Everyone, 

I am an artist, a painter, a writer and a businesswoman. Most of my fine art paintings are about life and family as seen through the prism of the foods we prepare and eat. I think we eat what and who we are. I paint portraits of people through the foods they prepare.

You will understand this better if you visit my online gallery of fine art paintings at www.michellemarcotte.com. Feel free to buy a painting if you wish!

So, coming up with greeting cards that use vegetables, fruit (and the occasional cake and ice cream), to help say the things that need to be said seemed rather natural to me.

I am a woman of a certain age, who has more or less seen everything, and I also have kids and nieces and nephews who keep me up to date (and have apparently seen even more!). Millennials and Gen X's Y's and Z's have given me great ideas.

So, hello, nice to meet you. I hope we get to know each other.