Hand-painted wine and beer glasses

I've been busy adding hand-painted wine and beer glasses and coffee mugs to www.sayitwithvegetables.com. 

To find the wine and glass and coffee mug designs, click on 'Collections" above or 'Home' below and you can navigate to the products in any of my three categories. Pick a design or email me with your preferred design and I will make you one or 12!

I began painting on wine and beer glasses to rid myself of the problem of putting my wine glass down at a party then being unable to find it! And my husband needed a beer glass that sent winning karma to his team. So, these are unique, personal, party glasses. I am using a professional quality, heat-fired, non-toxic, dishwasher safe enamel in the designs and they look great!

Then,  while contemplating my coffee mug one morning I wondered if she loved me as much as I loved her!. I worked on a loosely drawn, mysterious design, and found that either my coffee mug was a gal with a pony tail, coffee bean lips and a steamy heart, or she was a mug who was thinking her own, delightful, thoughts. Again, professional quality, heat-fired, non-toxic, dishwasher proof enamel used in the design. 

You can order one or order a set, and collaborate with me on the design colors if you wish!