Greeting cards

Hi Everyone, was born to provide greeting cards that are amusing, useful and nice - because this world needs more niceness. Niceness is an actual goal of this company!

Life is full of events and tricky situations; will help you navigate those real situations with style.

And there is much that needs to be said to make this world a nicer place. There are all of life's usual events (birthdays, babies, illnesses, sympathy, special days etc). 

And then there are all those tricky situations where you just wish you knew what to say (apologies, attractive people you would like to know better, people you slip away from before they wake up, people who have irritated you and vasectomies). 

If you tend to wish you had been able to find the perfect words at the time, then my greeting cards are for you. Greeting cards take time, there is a natural cooling off period, a distance, and sometimes that just helps the message come through quite nicely.

I am one of those people who wish there were cards that could have helped me say those tricky, delicate things that only occurred to me later. 

To find the greeting card designs and see the greeting inside, click on 'Collections" above or 'Home' below and you can navigate to the products in my three categories. 

Our greeting cards have a clean, design approach. Most have a lovely simple, well-painted element on front and no words to mess up the simplicity. Some of the cards are reproductions of my paintings, more complex designs that also say such interesting things! 

Our cards are so attractive and well-printed that you can even frame them in a 5" x 7" photo frame that you can buy anywhere (just not here).

Our greetings are inside, where the greeting should be. And we have considerately left you enough space to add your own chatty note inside, if you wish.

Or, we will sign the card, stamp the envelope, address it and mail if for you. 

Because you are nice, but busy. We know how it is.