Bilingual Children's book - ABC Vegetables – Abécédaire des légumes


This book is only available from (the publisher). Separate A to Z English and French books in full color, printed back-to-back, and bound together. Two books in one! Intended for children ages 3-7 about the goodness and variety of vegetables. Easy enough for parents and grandparents to read aloud – even in the other language. The book will prepare children for English and French lessons in school, and will spark interest in exploring the wide variety of vegetables available. Beautifully illustrated with oil paintings by the award-winning artist and writer, Michelle Marcotte. Written in English and French by Michelle Marcotte and Joël Beddows, the well-known French theater director. Editing, layout, printing and binding by Priscilla Brett of Grey Border Books. I love the idea that you want this book, but to order the books, go to the publisher's website: CAD$14.00. They are the publisher and they will send it to you. Thank you.