Hand-painted, unique, personal wine glasses


Do you have a problem drinking wine? By that I mean do you put your wine glass down at parties and then can't find it? Or do you find that your sister is drinking from your wine glass (ahem!)? I have a fun solution for you. It is your own unique, hand-painted, wine glass. You can put this glass down and then easily find it again. You can give your sister the evil eye for drinking your wine and have some certainty about her guilt that she indeed knows she is drinking your wine. Hand painted by Michelle Marcotte. Dishwasher proof, glass, (not crystal), sweet, loose, expressive not-quite abstract flowers, freely but firmly outlined in blue or black or copper or grey. A glass that is a lot like you. Order one or multiples by color of glass (clear or blue), and by color of flowers (more or less- because remember these are custom painted and unique). You will have to pay for postage, but you can take advantage of USPS flat rate shipping boxes. If the shipping costs on this site result in charging you more than the actual shipping cost, I will refund the difference.