Loving coffee mug


Does your coffee mug love you back? Here is my coffee mug design available at www.sayitwithvegetables.com. Depending on your mood, maybe your coffee mug is sending you sweet loving thoughts, or maybe some sweet gal with a pony tail is dreaming about you. With red coffee-bean lips and a heart floating on the coffee steam it is a good way to start your day. Dishwasher proof, hand painted by Michelle Marcotte. Mugs are white, exact shape may vary. Shown here are right-handed mugs in blue and grey. If you are left handed, make sure you pick the left handed one so that the the drawing winks at you when you drink with your left hand. You will have to pay for shipping, but you could also take advantage of the USPS flat rate boxes if you order more than one mug (overall cost might end up being less expensive). If the shipping is less than what you paid, I will refund you the difference.