Weekly Greeting Card blog

In my life I have had a lot of time to think about things, often after having wished I could have done something differently. 

So, each week I try to assist you as you try to make this world  a nicer place through www.sayitwithvegetables.com greeting cards

June 17, 2017

No one is perfect. Not even my customers! So, I have declared this week to be Apology Week. Here at www.sayitwithvegetables.com, we have 6 apology card designs on sale this week. Save your money and save your relationships with a card that says you are sorry for hurting someone's feelings, sorry for leaving in the morning before he or she woke up, sorry for the trouble you caused while under the influence, or encouraging someone to talk to you (a good one when you weren't listening before). Order one or several and have them ready. You will thank me later!!

May 28, 2017

Thought for the week: A greeting card can be the start of a conversation; use a card from www.sayitwithvegetables.com as a springboard to help you communicate when it is tough to know what to say. And if you do know what you want to say, write me and I can print it in one of my cards for you (as long as it is nice! It can be firm, assertive, but must still be nice!)

May 21, 2017

Thought for the week: No one escapes it. Eventually, you will want to tell someone that you are so sorry that someone close to them has died. Often it is difficult to find the right words. www.sayitwithvegetables.com has two lovely sympathy cards with greetings that will help you express just the right thoughts. And the cards provide a good start for you to tell your friend or family member that you are thinking of them.

May 7, 2017

This week's thought: Even though I am now running a greeting card company, (or maybe because I am running a company) I am often late sending birthday cards, graduation cards etc. Yes, I know I could organize technology reminders. But my preferred method is to cut myself some slack ---- a nice card and a few minutes effort to write a few nice thoughts in the card will go a long way to making your life and someone else's life nicer. And if you order enough cards from www.sayitwithvegetables.com to cover a year's worth of events, you MIGHT be able to get the cards out on time!!